On this page we have collected answers to frequently asked questions for you.


How can I participate as an exhibitor at CULTIVA HANFEXPO?


Every company has to apply via our online registration form. This is easy, without login and takes 5 minutes to fill out. We will process your request and send you an offer. After your booking you will receive your personal login data for the exhibitor portal, where you can get all information about the fair and book further services and equipment.

What does row booth, corner booth, head booth and island booth mean?


With the island booth, all four sides remain open. This gives you four aisles for visitors to pass through the booth and see you. 

Head booths are open on three sides, have only one side of the partition wall in the back and thus have the greatest visibility at the exhibition.

Corner booths are open on two sides, i.e., have partition walls in the back and either to the right or left of the neighbouring booth. Small booths in particular gain greater visibility with a corner booth upgrade. 

Row booths are only open to one side and have neighbours to the right and left. Since the number of head and corner booths are limited, apply for them first. Please note there is an extra charge for these upgrades.

What booth sizes can I book?


The minimum size is 9 square meters. There are no limits to the booth size. We try - depending on availability, - to accomodate the booth size you want. If this is no longer available, you will of course be notified and alternatives will be discussed with you. You can find an example of the calculation here.

Do I have a hall pillar / column on my booth?


The hall supports are all marked as black rectangles on the floor plan. You can find the hall plan here.


What is the exhibitor portal? When do I have access to it?


After your booking is complete, we will send you your access data for the exhibitor portal. There you will find all the information you need about your exhibition appearance. You can update your company data, book stand equipment, services and order your passes as well as parking tickets.

I do not have my access data to the online store.


As the organizer, we will prepare the access for you. After completing your booking, you will receive an email from us with your personal access data to the online store, that will be availiable from may 2022. Please note: Only the main contact person for CULTIVA HANFEXPO will receive the email with the prepared account and full access to the corresponding stand in the Exhibitor Services Shop.


Where can I order additional booth construction material / stand equipment / furniture?


In the exhibitor portal via our shop for exhibitor services under the heading "stand equipment".

How can I order an electrical / power connection?


In the exhibitor portal via our Exhibitor Services Shop under the heading "stand equipment".  

How do I order the hostesses / translators / interpreters?


In the exhibitor portal via our store for exhibitor services under the heading "stand services".

How do I get transport lines / logistics services at the exhibition?


The logistics service offers the ordering of forklifts, cranes and other technical equipment, handling of your full and empty goods, as well as the acceptance, overstocking and delivery of your freight to your booth at the desired time. Forklift and crane services within the exhibition grounds can only be ordered in the Shop for Exhibitor Services and will be carried out by the logistics partners. The same applies to the storage of empty and full goods during the event.

How do I obtain WIFI at the exhibition area?


Free WLAN access is available to all exhibitors and visitors during CULTIVA HANFEXPO. The access is suitable for visiting websites and occasional email retrieval and sending. Area-wide reception may not be guaranteed if there are a large number of users.


When is the deadline for the media/catalogue entry?


The deadline for the media/catalogue entry is 6 weeks prior to the start of the event. 

Where can I get free promotional material for the event?


 Here you will find free print and digital advertising materials that will make it easy for you to attract a great deal of attention to your trade show appearance: from information flyers to admission ticket vouchers for your customers.

What options do I have for my press work during the exhibition?


If you would like to organize a press meeting at the stand or in a conference room on the trade show grounds, we will include the date in our official press appointment list. We will also help you organize the appropriate conference room.


When will I receive the invoice for the ordered goods / services?


You will receive the invoice for after placing your order. 50% 

Who is going to receive the invoice for my order?


Basically, all invoices are sent to the centrally stored billing address via Mail. 


When will I have access to the ticket service for exhibitors?


You will have access to the ticket service for exhibitors in June 2023.

Where can I get exhibitor passes?


Depending on the size of the stand, the exhibitor will receive the following contingent of exhibitor passes free of charge: 

  • up to 10 m² 3 pieces each
  • 11 to 20 m² 4 pieces each
  • 21 to 30 m² 5 pieces each
  • 31 to 50 m² 6 pieces each
  • 51 to 80 m² 8 pieces each
  • 81 to 100 m² each 10 pieces
  • 101 to 150 m² 15 pieces each 

Exhibitor passes are only valid during the event. They permit the owner to access the exhibition grounds and halls usually one hour before the official opening times. These passes are intended exclusively for exhibitors and stand personnel. They may not be passed on to customers. Additional demand can be covered for a fee. 

Where can I get admission vouchers?


These vouchers (day voucher cards) are valid during the event and entitle the holder to admission to the exhibition grounds during opening hours.  The vouchers are available on request.


When can I start to build up and dismantle my booth?

You will find all the necessary information on this subject here.


Where can I get a parking ticket for the expo?


The parking ticket can be ordered online in the exhibitor portal from may 2023.

What are the parking regulations for the exhibition?


A parking ticket for a parking space next to the exhibition hall can be purchased at a cos of 36,00 EUR. The parking ticket is valid during build-up and dismanteling and during the expo time.

How do I arrive by car / train / railroad?


You will find information on how to get to the location here.


Where can I find the contacts for my planning / preparation?


Our team is available to answer all your questions by phone at  +43 1 3950899-0  or by e-mail at office@cultivahempexpo.com. 


When will CULTIVA HANFEXPO 2024 take place?


CULTIVA HANFEXPO 2022 will take place from the 4th-6th of October 2023 at MARX HALLE in Vienna.

Do I have to register again for CULTIVA HANFEXPO 2024 via the online portal?


The registration documents for this will be sent automatically to all exhibitors of CULTIVA HANFEXPO 2023. Online registration will be possible on our website here. 



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