General Information

The event will be held under the name CULTIVA ZAGREB (hereinafter also referred to as the "Event"). The organizer of CULTIVA ZAGREB is Bluues Enterprise d.o.o.


Zavrtnica 17 WESPA Spaces
10 000 Zagreb

Phone +43 1 8100018, Fax +43 1 8100018-880, (hereinafter referred to as the organizer)


The event will take place in the event location called HALA ZAGREB, Slavonska avenija 3b, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia.


The opening hours of the event are:

Friday, May 26, 2023| 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Saturday, May 27, 2023 | 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Sunday, May 28, 2023| 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The music festival in the outdoor area will be open until 10 p.m.


The organizer reserves the right to change the beginning and duration of the trade fair without the exhibitor being able to derive any claims against the organizer (e.g. withdrawal, compensation).

The organizer uses the event space on the basis of a rental agreement with HALA ZAGREB, Slavonska avenija 3b, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia.



Registration for participation in the event as an exhibitor entails completing the organizer's registration form. The registration can be made either online via the website or by filling out the stand booking form, which must be completed, signed and submitted to the organizer. By registering, the exhibitor declares to the organizer that he has a serious interest in participating in the event as an exhibitor. Conditions or reservations of the exhibitor stated in the application will not be considered. Special requests for space will be considered, if possible, but do not constitute a condition of registration.

The data provided with the registration will be passed on to third parties for processing by EDP and for the execution of the contract. The organizer may require the exhibitor to submit a list of goods. During the opening hours of the event, the stand area must be continuously manned by sufficient personnel and kept accessible to visitors. The name and address of the exhibitor must be recognizable for the entire duration of the event.


Admission, acceptance of application

Domestic and foreign exhibitors whose exhibits correspond to the theme are eligible for admission. The organizer decides on the admission of the exhibitor to the event at their own discretion, taking into account the space capacities, the purpose and the structure of the event. The admission and thus acceptance of the application shall be made by means of a written confirmation by the organizer, as well as the allocation of space, which may be made simultaneously with or after the acceptance of the application. The organizer is not obliged to give reasons for refusals to conclude exhibition contracts and does not grant exhibitors exclusion from competition. In the interest of the event (trade fair), the organizer is entitled, in deviation from the confirmation of admission (acceptance of the application) and allocation of space, to assign a space in a different location, to change the size of the space, to relocate or close entrances and exits to the exhibition grounds and halls, or to make other structural changes. If the stand rent is reduced as a result, the difference will be credited or refunded to the exhibitor at the discretion of the organizer. Further claims, in particular claims for damages against the organizer, are excluded. If, for any reason, the organizer is unable to provide a stand that has already been allocated, the exhibitor shall only be entitled to a refund of the stand rent actually paid.


Stand construction and design

Stand construction must be completely finished by 12:00 p.m. on the first day of the fair. The organizer will inform the exhibitor about the set-up and dismantling times about 4 weeks prior to the event. In order to ensure a consistent overall impression, the organizer has issued guidelines for stand construction that contain binding requirements for the exhibitor. Before planning the construction of a stand, the exhibitor is obliged to obtain information from the organizer about the structural conditions of their booked stand space, e.g. columns, fire protection equipment, etc. The design and construction of the stand must be carried out in such a way that no neighbouring stand areas are impaired by exhibits, advertising space, display objects or otherwise. Exceeding the prescribed construction height of 250 cm is only allowed with the written consent of the organizer, who may also grant this at their own discretion subject to the likewise written consent of the neighbouring exhibitors.


Approaching customers

Approaching customers outside the exhibition area, e.g. in the aisle, at the neighbouring stand, at the entrance door, at the cash desks or in the outdoor exhibition area, is prohibited for the benefit of all exhibitors. In case of violation, the organizer will issue a one-time warning. In case the exhibitor repeatedly approaches customers, the organizer has the right to block the exhibition space booked by the exhibitor for the entire duration of the exhibition. In this case, the exhibitor will not be refunded any costs. The general interest of the event must be observed.


Quality assurance

The exhibitors must fit into the theme of the fair. Only in special cases the organizer can allow an exception. The exhibitor's service or product must be legally approved in Croatia! The exhibitors undertake to inform themselves whether the goods they  sell or the services rendered are approved according to Croatian law (product liability, pharmaceutical law, etc.) or whether all regulations according to customs law are complied with. By signing the registration form or accepting the offer, the exhibitors guarantee that they have the legal and professional competence for the offered services and products in Croatia.


Stand dismantling

Stand dismantling begins at 6:00 p.m. on the last day of the event. Stand dismantling must be completely finished by 8:00 p.m. the next day. It is forbidden to carry out set-up and dismantling during the exhibition opening hours. In case of violation, the exhibitor is obliged to pay the organizer a contractual penalty half of the amount of the gross stand rent agreed upon for the event. The stand area must be returned to the organizer in its original condition. Used material, foundations, damages as well as carpet tape and adhesive residues are to be removed by the exhibitor completely and without damaging the subsoil. Otherwise, the organizer is entitled to have this work carried out at the exhibitor's expense. The assertion of further claims by the organizer against the exhibitor remains unaffected by this. Stands and exhibits that have not been dismantled or removed by the date set for the end of dismantling may be removed by the organizer at the exhibitor's expense and removed from the stand at the exhibitors expense. The organizer is not liable for loss or damage and may store them with a forwarding agent at the exhibitor's expense. The assertion of further claims by the organizer against the exhibitor shall remain unaffected by this.

Liability of the organizer

The organizer does not assume any duty of care for exhibition goods, stand equipment or other objects brought to the event and excludes any liability for damage or loss. The organizer is liable in case of intent or gross negligence. In the event of a merely negligent breach of duty by the organizer or their vicarious agents, however, liability shall be limited to the foreseeable damage typical of the contract. In the event of a slightly negligent breach of minor contractual obligations, liability towards entrepreneurs shall not apply in full.


Conclusion of Contract, Prohibition of Assignment

Within four weeks after receiving the signed stand booking form, the exhibitor will receive a written confirmation of registration from the organizer, if this is positive, the exhibition contract between the organizer and the exhibitor is concluded. This shall also apply after accepting a written offer by the organizer. If the exhibitor does not participate in the event for whatever reason, then the exhibitor shall pay to the organizer the entire contractually agreed stand rent and the ancillary costs incurred by the organizer up to that point. The exhibitor is not entitled to assign claims arising from the exhibition contract with the organizer to third parties. Even partial transfer of the stand requires the written consent of the organizer and is only permitted against payment of a co-exhibitor fee.

Withdrawal of the registration

In case of cancellation (withdrawal) of the registration, the exhibitor shall pay the following cancellation fees to the organizer: Up to 12 weeks before the start of the trade fair, 50% of the agreed stand rent; from 12 weeks before the start of the trade fair, 100% of the agreed stand rent, in each case taxes, duties, other ancillary costs are added as well as any costs already incurred for technical equipment and services ordered. The cancellation fee is to be paid as lump-sum compensation regardless of fault, whereby the exhibitor waives any right to a reduction of the claim for compensation, in particular the right to judicial mitigation for whatever reason, including under the title of equalization of benefits. The exhibitor acknowledges that the cancellation fee shall be paid even if the organizer succeeds in renting or selling the stand to a third party. This does not affect the right to claim damages in excess of the agreed cancellation fees. The due date of the cancellation fee plus any payments in excess thereof shall be determined by the cancellation invoice.

Stand rental and other fees, terms of payment
Upon receiving the application by mail, fax, electronic transmission by the organizer, the exhibitor is obliged to participate in the exhibition, subject to acceptance by the organizer. The rental prices stated on the registration form apply for the duration of the event. Each square meter started will be charged in full. The stand rent and other charges are net amounts, in addition to which the statutory value-added tax at the rate applicable at the time of the event must be paid by the exhibitor.

Invoicing and terms of payment

After the admission (acceptance of registration), the exhibitor will receive an invoice, which must be paid on time so that the invoice amount is credited to the account in full without any deductions no later than 12 weeks before the start of the event. Invoices issued after this date are due immediately. The exhibitor is obliged to pay all costs for ancillary services when the invoice is issued, and the organizer is also entitled to demand advance payments for these services. For invoice changes on the part of the exhibitor to invoices already issued, an amount of EUR 25 plus 20% VAT will be charged per change. In any case, an invoice may specify different terms and dates of payment, which are binding for the exhibitor.

All payments shall be made in Euro. The timely payment of invoices and the registration fee as well as the settlement of any outstanding claims from previous events are prerequisites for the handover of the assigned stand. Any objections to the invoice must be made within five working days of receiving the invoice. After this time, the invoice is considered approved; complaints received after this time are invalid. In the event of default in payment, 12% interest p.a. from the due date as well as EUR 20.00 per reminder shall be agreed. Any reminder and collection costs incurred shall be reimbursed to the organizer, regardless of whether the reminder procedure is carried out by the organizer themselves or by a third party contractor. This does not affect the costs of legal action and execution to be determined by the courts. Dunning and collection expenses charged to the organizer by third parties shall in any case be borne by the exhibitor. The exhibitor is not entitled to withhold payment of due invoices due to counterclaims of any kind whatsoever, to refuse payment or to set them off against each other.

Taxes, fees and charges
All taxes, fees and charges, in particular sales tax, legal fee and advertising tax, shall be borne by the exhibitor. All prices quoted are net prices.

Marketing and service fee
The flat-rate marketing and service fee includes the registration fee, a contingent of exhibitor passes depending on the size of the stand, a parking permit, the basic entry in the company profile in the online exhibitor catalogue, the basic entry in the printed exhibitor directory, and various printed and electronic advertising materials for the exhibitor's own advertising activities. Each exhibitor (including any co-exhibitors and sub-exhibitors) is obliged to make an entry in the published exhibition catalogue. The minimal entry will be made at the exhibitor's expense even if no express order has been received from the exhibitor.

Withdrawal from the contract
The organizer is entitled to withdraw from the contract with immediate effect without a period of grace if the exhibitor does not meet their payment obligations on time, or if in the meantime insolvency proceedings, out-of-court settlement proceedings or liquidation against the exhibitor have taken place or are imminent.

Cancellation, postponement, shortening, termination, interruption, relocation, closure of the event.

The organizer is entitled to postpone, shorten, cancel, temporarily interrupt, partially close or cancel and/or relocate the event in justified exceptional situations.

A justified exceptional situation, which justifies such measures, exists in particular if:

(1) a court or official order or other sovereign regulation such as a law or ordinance exists in connection with the staging of the event or urgently advises against staging the event, regardless of to whom the order is addressed. This includes any sovereign action related to the Corona virus SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19; or (2) there are sufficient factual indications that the planned holding or continuation of the event may lead to a concrete danger to life or limb or to property of considerable value, or

(3) the smooth running of the event is impaired or endangered to such an extent that the intended purpose of the event for exhibitors, visitors cannot be achieved or can only be achieved with considerable restrictions.

The organizer shall make this decision at their own dutiful discretion. The decision shall take into account the interests of all affected trade fair participants (in particular exhibitors, visitors, conference participants, speakers, sponsors, etc.) both with regard to the purpose of the event and with regard to the necessary safety considerations.

Force majeure

If the execution of the event becomes completely or partially impossible due to an unforeseen event for which the organizer is not responsible, or if the event cannot be carried out in the manner intended, in particular due to terrorist attacks, natural disasters, epidemics, officially ordered evacuation or shutdown, structural changes on the part of the lessor, water damage or other force majeure, the organizer shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract. In the event of force majeure, the organizer is obliged to inform the exhibitor immediately of the partial or complete impossibility of holding the event.

If the organizer is unable to hold the trade fair, or is only able to hold it in part or at a different time, for reasons for which it is not responsible, the exhibitor shall not be entitled to compensation. If the trade fair only takes place in a shortened form, the stand rent will be reduced accordingly and the excess amount will be refunded. If a trade fair cannot take place, the organizer remains entitled to retain up to 25% of the stand rent as a handling fee, unless the exhibitor can only prove a significantly lower expense. Claims for damages of the exhibitor against the organizer of whatever kind are excluded, as well as the assertion of further claims of the exhibitor against the organizer.

Legal consequences

(1) In the event of a complete cancellation prior to the start of the event, the exhibitor shall remain obliged to pay a cost contribution to cover the costs incurred by the organizer in fulfilment of the contract concluded with the exhibitor and for the preparation and implementation of the event or for the provision of services already ordered by the exhibitor up to the date of cancellation ("advance costs"). The organizer shall charge the exhibitor a flat rate of 20% of the participation fee for these advance costs. The organizer is at liberty to prove higher advance costs and to charge the exhibitor accordingly. Beginning with the date of cancellation, the organizer shall be released from his contractual obligation to perform.

(2) In the event of a rescheduling, postponement or shortening of the event period prior to the start of the event, the contract shall be deemed to have been concluded for the new venue and/or period, unless the exhibitor has immediately, but at the latest within two weeks received the notification to the written objection to the organizer. In the event of an objection, the exhibitor shall pay a cost contribution of 25% of the participation fee.

(3) In the event of premature termination (cancellation, curtailment), temporary interruption or partial closure after the start of the event, or in the event of a late start, the exhibitor's obligation to participate in the part of the event not cancelled and to pay the full participation fee shall remain in force.


Cancellation of the event for economic reasons

The organizer is entitled to refrain from holding the event at its reasonable discretion and taking into account the legitimate interests of the trade fair participants if the economic viability of the event is not achievable or if the registration status indicates that the industry overview aimed at with the event is not guaranteed. Upon cancellation, the mutual performance obligations of the contracting parties shall cease to apply. The organizer is obliged to refund any payments already made by the exhibitor, insofar as the service paid for has not yet been provided at the time of cancellation. Claims by the exhibitor for reimbursement of expenses already incurred for his participation in the event or for damages cannot be derived from the cancellation.


The catering is operated exclusively by the organizer or a contractual partner of the organizer. Exceptions require the written approval of the organizer. In case of violation, the organizer is entitled to close the stand after prior short notice or to discontinue direct sales (direct delivery) and/or catering.

Exhibitor passes

The passes are non-transferable, subject to a fee & only for the exhibitor's own stand personnel. Each exhibitor receives a contingent of exhibitor passes free of charge for themselves and their stand personnel, which is determined by the organizer in each case depending on the size of the stand. Any additional exhibitor passes required can be obtained for a fee.

Technical stand equipment

Basic installations on the supply lines for electricity and water may only be carried out by contractual partners of the organizer. Electricity, water and other technical connections may be made against payment of connection and usage fees. All electrical equipment, systems and installations must comply with the local and event regulations and requirements. Electrical installations may only be carried out by licensed companies. Connection and inspection shall be carried out exclusively by the licensed trade fair electrician. The technical guidelines for exhibitors and stand constructors are an integral part of this agreement. Nevertheless the operation of a private WLAN transmitter by an exhibitor is inadmissible if, despite compliance with the above-mentioned requirements, interference with technical facilities of the trade fair operation, in particular interference with the trade fair WLAN operated by the partner of the organizer, occurs. In the event of interference with technical facilities of the trade fair operation due to the operation of a private WLAN, the organizer has the right to take all necessary measures, up to and including shutting down the supply systems for the trade fair stand (Internet, voltage), which are required to ensure trouble-free operation of the technical facilities of the trade fair operation. The exhibitor must follow the corresponding instructions of the organizer, if necessary switch off the individually operated WLAN at the request of the organizer and, in the event of a violation of these guidelines, reimburse the expenses incurred for the localization and elimination of the disruption.

Liability and compensation

The organizer assumes no liability whatsoever for theft, loss or damage to goods brought in or left behind by the exhibitor or third parties, in particular exhibition and stand equipment. The organizer is not obliged to take out any insurance. The organizer also assumes no liability whatsoever for vehicles parked on the exhibition grounds by the exhibitor, their employees or contractual partners. For their part, the Exhibitor shall be liable for any damage caused to persons or property by them , their employees, their contractual partners or by their exhibition objects and equipment. The organizer shall be indemnified and held harmless. During the set-up and dismantling periods, each exhibitor has an increased duty of care for the safety of their goods. Valuable and easily movable exhibits are to be removed from the stand outside the opening hours of the trade fair (especially at night) and stored by the exhibitors themeselves at their own risk. The organizer shall not be liable for any damage to property, health or other damage of any kind whatsoever incurred by the exhibitors themselves , their employees or third parties for any reason whatsoever in connection with the preparation, execution or handling of the event. The organizer is not liable for loss of profit. This exclusion of liability shall also apply if damage is caused by defects in buildings or equipment belonging to the organizer. The organizer is only liable at all if damages were caused intentionally by them or their people. It is the responsibility of the injured party to prove this condition. The exhibitor cannot derive any claim whatsoever against the organizer from the actions or omissions of other exhibitors, their people or contractual partners. The exhibitor shall immediately notify the organizer in writing of any defects, if otherwise waived, and shall give the organizer the opportunity to remedy the defects. Any claims by the exhibitor must be reported to the organizer immediately in writing, otherwise they shall be deemed forfeited. No liability whatsoever shall be accepted for incorrect insertions or entries in the official exhibition catalogue and/or other printed exhibition materials (printing errors, formal errors, incorrect classification, non-insertion, etc.). The organizer does not receive shipments intended for the exhibitor and is not liable for any losses, incorrect or late deliveries. The exhibition forwarding agent will store exhibition and packaging goods at the expense and risk of the exhibitor. It is forbidden to spend the night in the halls and on the open-air grounds.

Trade fair insurance

The stand rental fee does not include insurance for the items brought into the exhibition stand, the exhibition stand itself and all other exhibition equipment. If insurance is taken out with the organizer or an insurance company, the terms and conditions agreed separately in writing on the occasion of taking out the insurance shall apply.

Advertising by the exhibitor at the event location

Space transfers and advertising measures in image, sound and writing for companies other than those of the exhibitor require the written consent of the organizer. Banners, company signs, advertising inscriptions and other advertising material may not be attached or distributed outside the exhibition stand, may not project into the aisles and may not exceed a height of 250 cm. The attachment of advertising boards, posters or other advertising material or the distribution of advertising material outside the stand, in particular in the parking areas, is only permitted by a separate agreement with the organizer and against separate payment. In the event of unfair competition with other exhibitors, the organizer is entitled to close the stand immediately, in which case a reduction of the stand rent and other costs is excluded.


On the part of the organizer, exhibitors are offered an opportunity to present within the framework of the congress. With the stand registration, however, the exhibitor has not yet acquired the right for such a presentation.  The organizer alone decides whether and who will be involved in the supporting program.

House rules

The house rules of the organizer must be followed.

Special event, demonstration

All types of special events and demonstrations on the stands or on the event premises require the written consent of the organizer. Despite prior approval, the organizer is entitled to restrict or prohibit demonstrations that cause noise, dirt, dust, exhaust fumes and the like, or that interfere in any other way with the orderly running of the trade fair. Flashing signs and lettering on the exhibition stand are not permitted. The use of gases and vapors (dry ice, etc.) is subject to approval. The halls are equipped with fire alarm systems; false alarm calls by the fire department will be charged to the party responsible. Laser systems must be submitted by the exhibitor to the responsible municipal department for approval. Acoustic or audio-visual demonstrations at the booth must be designed in such a way that any noise generated does not exceed a level of 40 dBA measured at the booth boundary. If, upon request of the trade fair management, noise levels higher than the permitted level are not immediately ceased, the trade fair management reserves the right to take appropriate measures - if necessary, to close the stand. Registrations with the AKM must be made by the respective companies themselves.

Copyrights and patents

The organizer is not liable for any damage caused to the exhibitor, their representatives and vicarious agents on the occasion of participation in the event due to the infringement of copyrights and patents by third parties.


Setting up of game and music apparatuses

The exhibitor must register for amusement tax prior to the start of the trade fair for the installation of machines whose operation can result in a profit in money or money's worth or where the result of the game is dependent on chance, show machines, joke machines, skill machines, etc., as well as machines with a game result display. In addition, the exhibitor must apply for a concession at the respective stand six weeks before the start of the trade fair. The equipment may only be put into operation if a concession is granted. The exhibitor must indemnify and hold the organizer harmless from and against any claims arising from the operation of such equipment.

Filming and photography

The organizer is granted the right to photograph and film on the event premises and to use the image recordings for its own or general publications. In this context, the exhibitor waives all objections arising from industrial property rights, in particular copyright and the law against unfair competition. The exhibitor is not permitted to make films, photographs, drawings or other illustrations of exhibits and exhibited goods outside their own stand or to have them made.


The organizer is responsible for cleaning the grounds and the aisles in the halls. The cleaning of the stands is the responsibility of the exhibitors. Upon order and at the expense of the exhibitor, cleaning institutes approved by the organizer shall undertake the cleaning of the stands. Packaging material and waste which the exhibitor throws onto the aisle or lays to one side will be removed at the exhibitor's expense. The disposal of hazardous waste must be arranged by the exhibitor.

Transport and parking

Driving into the exhibition halls with motor vehicles of any kind whatsoever is generally prohibited during the exhibition event. In the case of special transport, written permission must be obtained from the organizer in good time. All vehicles must be removed from the entrances, driveways, fire zones and press parking areas without restriction.Trucks over 3.5t may not be parked in the parking areas during the trade fair. Any infringement will result in a case of interference with possession and the organizer is free to have illegally parked vehicles towed away at the expense of the vehicle owner.


The organizer shall provide general surveillance of the event areas during the trade fairs (including set-up and dismantling times), without, however, assuming any liability for loss or damage to items. The exhibitor is responsible for monitoring and supervising the stand area and the stand. This also applies during set-up and dismantling times, before the start and after the end of the event. Exhibitors have no legal claim to separate stand security (theft security). Additional stand security during the exhibition times must be ordered separately by the exhibitor and invoiced directly to the company commissioned. The organizer must be notified in writing in good time of any stand security ordered separately by the exhibitor, together with the details of the security company. The use of third-party security companies commissioned by the exhibitor to guard the stand outside the opening hours of the event also requires a prior written approval of the organizer.

Violation of the exhibition conditions, violation of the law

The terms and conditions of the trade fair and exhibition, all notices listed in the Service Folder, conditions, rules and legal regulations as well as the relevant legal provisions and regulations of the event authorities must be strictly observed. In particular, all fire protection regulations, all regulations under trade law and local police regulations, and the house rules must be observed. Measures ordered by representatives of the authorities must be carried out by the exhibitor immediately and at their own expense. Failure to comply with and/or violations of the terms and conditions of the trade fair, the contractual agreements and the house rules, as well as violations of statutory provisions, shall entitle the organizer to close the assigned trade fair stand immediately at the exhibitor's expense and to carry out the eviction without legal proceedings. The orders and instructions of the organizer and its representatives must be followed by the exhibitor, its personnel and contractual partners without fail. This applies in particular to the parking area belonging to the exhibition grounds. Smoking is generally prohibited in the event rooms.

Declaration of consent in accordance with the Data Protection and Telecommunications Act

The exhibitor consents to the use of the data provided by them in the registration form. Exhibitor data is used for the purpose of marketing the event. Revocation is possible at any time and will result in the inadmissibility of further use of the data. The exhibitor agrees - against revocation at any time - to be informed in future by the trade fair organizer about trade fair events by e-mail or post.

On written form and common law

Amendments, supplements and additions must be made in writing. This shall also apply to any deviation from the written form. Verbal collateral agreements are invalid. The exhibitor cannot derive any rights whatsoever from preceding events or contracts.


All claims of the exhibitor against the organizer, irrespective of their legal basis, shall become statute-barred within six months of the last official day of the trade fair.

General provisions, place of jurisdiction, place of performance

Croatian law shall apply exclusively. The place of jurisdiction and performance for both parties shall be Zagreb. The invalidity of individual trade fair conditions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The contract shall therefore not be abrogated


Personal data collected from or provided by the exhibitor may be used for the fulfilment of the business purposes of Bluues Enterprise d.o.o. within the framework of the legal data protection regulations.

The exhibitor agrees to the listing in the exhibitor directory of CULTIVA ZAGREB (online + print) and the publication of the data made in the interest of the event e.g. in the online exhibitor directory, exhibition guide (printed exhibitor directory), hall plans (print & online), exhibitor directory in print & online media. The data will remain accessible to the public for up to two years after the event in the online exhibitor directory, as well as in the online hall plan. The printed media will be passed on to third parties. The data is thus accessible to the public for an unlimited period of time. This consent can be revoked at any time in writing by e-mail to

Bluues Enterprise d.o.o. and its affiliated companies are also entitled to use this personal data to contact you by letter, e-mail, telephone or fax. This consent can be revoked at any time in writing by e-mail to

The exhibitor must ensure that the data protection requirements for the above uses are met by taking suitable measures (e.g. consent from their employees). The exhibitor shall be liable to the organizer for damages and expenses arising from the violation of this obligation and shall indemnify the organizer against corresponding claims by third parties. This consent may be revoked at any time in writing by e-mail to

The exhibitor accepts that all data of the exhibitor disclosed at the time of booking, as well as all agreements and orders in this connection, will be passed on to the tax office or tax advisor of the organizer, and all correspondence relating to the booking and its facts will be passed on to suppliers, public authorities, tax office, courts, legal representatives and legal protection, if required.

This consent can be revoked at any time in writing by e-mail to



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